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Who has 2 plus hours to make an appointment for a full-body massage; drive to the spa; take off their clothes; get their massage; get dressed and drive back to work? A rare few.

Diannas_ProfileDianna Young, LMT, MTI

Dianna Young is the co-owner of Amarillo On Site Massage, Amarillo's leading chair massage practice specializing in massages in the work place. The company employs two full-time massage therapists to keep up with 45 clients ranging from major corporations to non-profit organizations.

Dianna obtained her license in massage therapy training from the Austin School of Massage Therapy in 1998. After graduating, she became an instructor for the school. She combined her past experience in sales and radio broadcasting to teach business and marketing classes for massage students preparing to start their own businesses.

In April 2001, Dianna and her husband Curtis were inspired to start their own business and introduce the innovative concept of chair massage in the workplace to Amarillo. Their vision combined with creative marketing techniques led to the exponential growth of their business. From 2004 to 2008, their business grew 84 percent, leading to their selection by the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce as the top small business of the year in 2008. The company also was featured in The Amarillo Business Journal and the "Successful Practices" section in the American Massage Therapy Journal.

Dianna's educational background, business success and passion for chair massage has allowed her to speak at chair massage training conferences and professional development seminars, including the First International Chair Massage Conference in Toronto. In addition to teaching chair massage technique, Dianna specializes in teaching classes on "Marketing Chair Massage," "Boosting Your Business with Chair Massage" and "TMJ Dysfunction Massage Technique." These speaking engagements help Dianna fulfill their company's mission, which is to increase awareness of the benefits of massage and introduce chair massage to therapists as a way to grow their business and create jobs.

On a personal level, the Young's enjoy volunteering their services for non-profit organizations and churches. Following Hurricane Katrina, they provided relief for the workers assisting hurricane victims in Houston.


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Business Networking International Amarillo Charter Group

Amarillo Chamber of Commerce

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