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On-Site Chair Massage

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Who has 2 plus hours to make an appointment for a full-body massage; drive to the spa; take off their clothes; get their massage; get dressed and drive back to work? A rare few.

Q: Who pays for the chair massages – the employees or the organization?

A: Some organizations pay for the services and others allow their employees to participate in the program and pay for it themselves.

Q: Where do you do the massages? 

A: We find a private area where the workflow of the office will not be disrupted – usually a conference room.

Q: Do employees have to miss work to get a massage?

A: Our staff works with your employees to blend the massage schedule into your normal business routine. A massage typically replaces an employee’s normal 15-minute break.

Q: How long do the massages last?

A: Clients may choose how long the massages last but they are typically between 10 and 15 minutes.

Q: What are the health benefits of massage?

A: Chair massage offers many advantages including: Reduced muscle tension, chronic pain, repetitive stress injuries and low back pain Boosts alertness Reduces stress Increases circulation Calms the nervous system Provides a complete change of pace so the body and mind can rejuvenate

Q: How do we begin a chair massage program at our company?

A: Just give us a call and we will meet with your human resources manager or CEO to familiarize them with our services and the benefits to your organization. From there, we will coordinate our schedules to begin the program.

Q: How do employees sign up for massages?

A: We provide a sign-up sheet that employees can fill out in the break room.


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