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Who has 2 plus hours to make an appointment for a full-body massage; drive to the spa; take off their clothes; get their massage; get dressed and drive back to work? A rare few.

2015 Survey Results: Chair Massage at Work Improves Chronic Health Conditions in 75 Percent of Respondents

In a recent study conducted by Amarillo On-Site Massage, 75 percent of chair-massage clients who participated in the survey reported improvement of a chronic health condition after receiving regular chair massages at work. This is an 18 percent increase over the last survey in 2013.

Of the 2015 respondents, 89 percent received relief from shoulder pain, 78 percent from neck pain and 44 percent from headaches. The others experience relief from back pain, arm/wrist pain and hip pain.

The top three reasons people chose to get a back massage at work were: stress relief, on-site convenience saves time and physical pain relief. After getting a massage, survey participants reported a range of results with the top four being: more relaxed, less stressed, less physical pain and happier.

“It’s so gratifying to see that what we are doing is helping people,” said Curtis Young, co-owner of Amarillo On-Site Massage with Dianna Young. “We are especially pleased that people are getting relief from ongoing health conditions and feeling less stressed and happier, which translates into a better employee.”

Dianna agrees. “One of the many benefits of offering chair massage at work is that it creates a more productive environment. When employees are less stressed and happier, they are able to be more productive and offer better customer service,” said Dianna. “It’s very rewarding be able to see our services be a blessing to both individual and business owners. That’s why we love what we do.”


Amarillo On-Site Massage specializes in providing chair massage, ergonomic modifications and stress relief classes in the workplace to help employees relieve stress and pain and employers enhance morale and improve corporate wellness. For more information, call (806) 358-9128.




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