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Who has 2 plus hours to make an appointment for a full-body massage; drive to the spa; take off their clothes; get their massage; get dressed and drive back to work? A rare few.

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Jody Reynolds

"I love my job at AQHA, and I especially look forward to Tuesdays. Tuesdays are massage day! I’m grateful to Onsite Massage and AQHA for partnering to provide employees a low-cost way to reduce stress and relieve tension. And I don’t even have to leave the office! As a busy working mom, I rarely treat myself to full-body massages. Weekly chair massages from Onsite Massage ease my aching muscles and give me the healthful boost I need to be productive at work. Thank you, Onsite Massage and AQHA!"

Jody Reynolds

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Lana Hollar cropped


"I have been a client of Amarillo OnSite Massage for over 15 years and would recommend their services to anyone.  They come to my office and not only help with target trouble areas, but also provide relaxation therapy. I feel that my office has benefited greatly because of Amarillo OnSite Massage.  They are a true blessing."

Lana Hollar

Massage Recipient at a Local Business




"It has been the most well received perk we have ever offered the staff. It outweighs all the other bonuses we've ever given. Our business creates a high stress level and it seems to be important to employees to know that management does indeed "care" about their well-being and their health in general. The program creates no staff disruption and runs quietly and smoothly. Employees are not absent on the day massage is scheduled. They look forward to it. Some even schedule their vacations around it. I see a decrease in tension, increase in productivity, and the overall mood of our workplace has improved. It was a good decision to offer the service." 


~ Frieda Allen, Secretary/Treasurer

Upshaw Insurance


"This is to introduce and recommend the services of Amarillo On-Site Massage.We have employed their services on a weekly basis since March 2002. I have been impressed by their professionalism and enthusiasm for their work. Our staff looks forward to their regular visits.We are aware of both the positive attitude the experience itself creates and the effectiveness of massage as a contributor to both employee wellness and productivity. We have also seen a decrease in pain relieving aspirin and Tylenol consumption from our inventory."


~ Lane Selliger

President, Lake Steel


"For the last altfew years management at Chicago Title has provided its employees with a welcome, relaxing and beneficial perk. Amarillo On-Site Massage regularly comes into our offices, sets up in a vacant conference room, turns down the lights, and provides each employee with a thorough upper-body massage.We have found this experience to be an inexpensive morale booster for our employees, as well as a needed stress-reliever for management. We set up individual appointments several days in advance so our employees can look forward to the event. Every company who wishes to improve employee morale and retain key personnel should consider a similar schedule."


~ Chip Staniswalis

Chicago Title



"Our employees like it. Since June 2001, the regular massages have proven to be a great stress reliever and even help reduce absenteeism."

Charles Clary, President

Bank of America in Amarillo


"The opportunity to take 14 to 30 minutes to get a few of the kinks worked out or to relieve a little stress is great. Amarillo On-Site is very professional and so low key you hardly know they're around. We're looking forward to continuing our relationship for a long time." 

Kelly R. Forehand, Director of the West Texas Complex

Merrill Lynch


"IMS is in their second week of massages and have had great turnouts. The remarks I've received from the employees participating have been very positive. They feel relaxed and less stressed. Employees at IMS spend hours on the phones and computers each day. Amarillo On-Site Massage is their escape for stress free relaxation."

Company statement

Insurance Management Services


dianna funny"In high school, after many years listening to my mother commenting on my posture, I discovered that my spine was curved.  At that age, it was too late to try to correct with a brace, so I was left to deal with the pain and discomfort. I was young, no big deal. Then I aged, and found myself behind a desk most days. Every day going home and popping Advil like it was candy. I was told to go see a chiropractor or a massage therapist. I had many excuses not to go, but my biggest complaint was, “I do not have time to leave the office for a treatment.”

That is when someone referred me to Amarillo On-Site Massage. Dianna and Curtis came by to tell us about their business, and what it could do for me and my employees.They had a good sell, but the most important thing, THEY ARE ON-SITE!  They could service our office in the time it would take for a coffee break. I was never comfortable with the idea of getting a massage, but my back was hurting, so I gave them a try.  Did it help? In a couple of weeks I noticed the tingling and numbness in my neck and wrists went almost completely away, and I rarely take any Advil (unless I miss my appointment). They advised me on how to set up computer stations in our office to be more ergonomically correct to avoid some of the stress we put on our bodies.  They have spoiled us rotten. This spring will be the sixth year that we have been their clients.  They offer plans from every week to once a month, and their pay by the minute is perfect for the pay as you go consumer. My employees look forward to their visits. It is funny that we have very few absentees on those days.

From a business viewpoint, the concept of Amarillo On-Site Massage is unique and impressive. Dianna, Curtis and their staff are hitting a niche that has been underserved in corporate America. They are a corporate wellness company that will come to you, in your office, and at your convenience. Is it working for them?  About four years ago, Amarillo On-Site hired my office to handle their payroll and tax preparation needs. Since taking them on as a client, I have seen their sales grow by double digits every year. With word of mouth referrals, complimented with local advertising, I believe that they have only scratched the surface of their Amarillo market. I can’t wait to see what the next four years will bring to them."


Tax Hut


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